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Absorption spectra of a photoautotrophically grown Synechocystis. sp. PCC 6803 agar plate cultures.

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posted on 10.10.2017, 17:26 by Jacob J. Lamb, Martin F. Hohmann-Marriott

Wild type and Δsll1694 strains were grown on agar plates containing BG11 with Mn(II) chloride (A), Mn(III) (B), pyrolusite (C), and Mn(II, III) (D) as the exclusive manganese sources (Table 2). Samples were standardized to an OD750 of 0.3, then traces normalized to 700 nm. Trend shown is indicative of nine separate measurements (three strains with three replicates each). The standard error of these replicates was calculated. Wild type standard error: ±3.9×10−2 (A), ±4.1×10−2 (B), ±2.8×10−2 (C), ±4.5×10−2 (D). Δsll1694 standard error: ±3.2×10−2 (A), ±5.1×10−2 (B), ±4.2×10−2 (C), ±5.2×10−2 (D).