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ATP9A knock-down in HepG2 cells affects endocytic pathways.

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posted on 2019-04-04, 17:34 authored by Jyoti Naik, Chi M. Hau, Lysbeth ten Bloemendaal, Kam S. Mok, Najat Hajji, Ann M. Wehman, Sander Meisner, Vanesa Muncan, Nanne J. Paauw, H. E. de Vries, Rienk Nieuwland, Coen C. Paulusma, Piter J. Bosma

RNA was isolated from sh-control and ATP9A knock-down HepG2 cells at 72 hours after transduction and used for microarray analysis. (A) Ingenuity pathway analysis of significantly up-regulated and down-regulated genes enriched for multiple pathways related to endocytosis. (B) Gene Ontology (GO) molecular function analysis of significantly altered genes enriched for the indicated pathways affecting cell migration, cell growth and proliferation, and cell death and survival. Pathways are arranged in order of their significance [-log(p-value)].