Overexpression of Morgue results in lethality.

Effects of widespread Morgue expression on fly viability. Counts of heterozygote (balancer) and homozygote non-balancer (+) progeny derived from genetic crosses where P[da-Gal4] was used to drive expression of P[UAS-GFP] or P[UAS-Morgue]. Homozygous P[da-Gal4] or P[da-Gal4],P[UAS-GFP] flies are viable while P[da-Gal4],P[UAS-Morgue] homozygotes are completely lethal. Flies containing two copies of P[da-Gal4] and one copy of P[UAS-Morgue] or vice versa exhibit either complete or significant lethality. UAS-morgue1 and UAS-morgue2 represent independent insertions of P[UAS-Morgue].




CC BY 4.0