Overexpresion of Morgue deletion (MorgueΔ) mutants exhibit variable viability.

Effects of widespread expression of Morgue deletion mutants on fly viability. Counts of homozygous non-balancer (+) and heterozygote balancer progeny derived from genetic crosses where P[da-Gal4] was used to drive expression of P[UAS-GFP] or various P[UAS-MorgueΔ] strains. Homozygote (non-balancer) and heterozygote (with either a TM3 or both a CyO and a TM3 balancer) progeny derived from: P[da-Gal4], P[UAS-MorgueΔ]/TM3, P[da-Gal4], P[UAS-GFP]/TM3, or P[UAS-MorgueΔ]/CyO, P[da-Gal4]/TM3 parent flies were counted. Expression of MorgueΔZF, MorgueΔFB, MorgueΔUEV, and MorgueΔZF-FB resulted in reduced Morgue-induced lethality. In contrast, removal of the F box alone retained near complete Morgue-induced lethality. Note that if the homozygotes are fully viable, the expected percentage of viable flies is either 50% or 25% depending on whether one or two balancer chromosomes are present.




CC BY 4.0