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Number of T2/OncZ re-integration sites/sample after filtering.

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posted on 21.04.2011 by Maura McGrail, Julia M. Hatler, Xianyan Kuang, Hsin-Kai Liao, Kishore Nannapaneni, Kristin E. Noack Watt, Juli D. Uhl, David A. Largaespada, Erik Vollbrecht, Todd E. Scheetz, Adam J. Dupuy, Jesse M. Hostetter, Jeffrey J. Essner

Samples 1aC, 1bC, and 6C are from normal muscle tissue from fish 1a, 1b, 6.

Samples 1aT, 1bT, and 6T are from tumor tissue from fish 1a, 1b, 6.

Samples 1C, 2C, 3C, and 5C are from ß-actin:SB11;T2/OncZis6 double transgenic control fish.

Samples 2T and 8T are from tumor tissues from ß-actin:SB11;T2/OncZis6 double transgenic fish.

Reads that mapped to the ß-actin promoter were removed from each sample before calculating values.

Cut off value is equal to two standard deviation units above the average read # in that sample.

# annotated genes is the # of sites within an annotated gene or positioned 5′ or 3′ to an annotated gene.




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