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Immunophenotype of primary cultures derived from explanted valve allografts.

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posted on 18.06.2014, 03:55 by Laura Iop, Antonella Bonetti, Filippo Naso, Stefania Rizzo, Stefano Cagnin, Roberto Bianco, Carlo Dal Lin, Paolo Martini, Helen Poser, Paolo Franci, Gerolamo Lanfranchi, Roberto Busetto, Michel Spina, Cristina Basso, Maurizio Marchini, Alessandro Gandaglia, Fulvia Ortolani, Gino Gerosa

Legend: Percentage of antigen expression after normalization to counted nuclei. ND: not detectable.

Primary cultures extracted from explanted tissues at 15 months were characterized immunophenotypically for markers commonly expressed in inflammation (CD45), SMCs and/or VICs (OPN, MyHC-Apla1, Calponin, SM-MyHC and smoothelin), calcification (OC) and stemness (SSEA4, OCT4, CD90 and CD29).