Immobilized [3H]acetylated N-acetyltransferase-His8Flag intermediate cannot be detected in immunoprecipitation experiments with anti-Flag M2 beads.


Anti-Flag beads were incubated with extracts from HeLa cell expressing (Transfected) or not expressing (Untransfected) N-acetyltransferase-His8Flag, washed and then incubated with [3H]acetyl-CoA for the given time and pH, at room temperature and with or without 1.3 mM of lipids containing 20% PI.


N-acetyltransferase activity in nmoles of MU produced/hour, and the concentration of protein (pmoles), calculated based on the specific activity of the purified transferase, are given.


The data represent three independent beads binding experiments and assays.


Not detectable.