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Descriptive statistics and scores of neuropsychological and clinical testing for MS patients; means and standard deviations (in brackets).

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posted on 2014-01-27, 02:56 authored by Daniela Pinter, James Sumowski, John DeLuca, Franz Fazekas, Alexander Pichler, Michael Khalil, Christian Langkammer, Siegrid Fuchs, Christian Enzinger

Legend: N  =  sample size; EDSS  =  expanded disability status scale; SRT  =  selective reminding test; SPAT  =  spatial recall test; PASAT  =  paced auditory serial addition test; SDMT  =  symbol digit modalities test; WLG  =  word list generation; CIS  =  clinically isolated syndrome; RRMS  =  relapsing remitting MS; SPMS  =  secondary progressive MS; f  =  female; m  =  male.