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Concentration of PRRSv RNA in tissues and serum of PRRSv inoculated gilts and their fetuses (log10 RNA copies/µL or mg).

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posted on 2014-04-22, 11:26 authored by Andrea Ladinig, Jamie Wilkinson, Carolyn Ashley, Susan E. Detmer, Joan K. Lunney, Graham Plastow, John C. S. Harding

RNA concentration is presented as mean log10 copies/µL of serum or mg of tissue from qRT-PCR-positive samples.

SD = standard deviation (SD), LN = lymph node, % positive = percentage of samples tested positive within each category.


The thymus sample from one autolysed fetus and serum samples from two viable fetuses were missed during sample collection.

*Endometrium sample collected adjacent to the umbilical stump of each fetus.