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Areal summary of composite invasion risk to Europe from Parthenium hysterophorus by habitat class according to the CORINE environmental database, considering climate with irrigation scenarios applied according to the GMIAV5 database [41].

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posted on 01.09.2015, 02:47 by Darren J. Kriticos, Sarah Brunel, Noboru Ota, Guillaume Fried, Alfons G. J. M. Oude Lansink, F. Dane Panetta, T. V. Ramachandra Prasad, Asad Shabbir, Tuvia Yaacoby

The cells where the Ecoclimatic Index is positive, indicating potential for persistent populations to establish.

Compared with the baseline area at risk under historical climate.

Habitat classes are listed in descending order of area at risk under the current climate scenario. Land use is assumed to remain static under the future climate scenario.