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Vertebrate sources of cytb DNA identified in P. geniculatus bloodmeals for the MDC collection period 2013–2016.

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posted on 2023-03-17, 17:39 authored by Maikell Segovia, Philipp Schwabl, Salem Sueto, Candy Cherine Nakad, Juan Carlos Londoño, Marlenes Rodriguez, Manuel Paiva, Martin Stephen Llewellyn, Hernán José Carrasco

Dissection pools 13–24 are organized in columns based on the parish from which contributing samples were obtained. Pool sizes (i.e., the number of samples contributing to each pool) range from 1–12. Vertebrate species with cytb sequences matching pool sequences at ≥90% similarity are listed in rows numbered 1–12. Corresponding read support values are provided at right prior to the ‘Match’ column indicating the fraction of nucleotides matching between pool sequences and the reference (excluding primer binding sites).