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Prevalence of three genera of haemosporidians in fifteen cattle egret colonies in central-western and southern Africa and environmental variables at these sites.

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posted on 2019-02-22, 19:21 authored by Cynthia M. Villar Couto, Graeme S. Cumming, Gustavo A. Lacorte, Carlos Congrains, Rafael Izbicki, Erika Martins Braga, Cristiano D. Rocha, Emmanuel Moralez-Silva, Dominic A. W. Henry, Shiiwua A. Manu, Jacinta Abalaka, Aissa Regalla, Alfredo Simão da Silva, Moussa S. Diop, Silvia N. Del Lama

Environmental variables were extracted from WorldClim 1.4 database ( average temperature during sampling month, precipitation during sampling month and altitude of sampling sites.