wtKLF6 knockdown and statin effects in lung epithelial cells.

<p>(<b>A</b>) wtKLF6 mRNA expression was reduced by 47.2% compared to vector control (si-luc) cells (<i>P</i> = 0.008). (<b>B</b>) Expression of the wtKLF6 target genes ASAH1, CCL20, iNOS and PPARγ was examined by qRT-PCR in si-wtKLF6 cells compared to vector control. ASAH1, CCL20 and iNOS were inhibited in si-cells compared to vector control cells. PPARγ was unaffected in si-wtKLF6. (<b>C</b>) Simvastatin induced ASAH1 expression but independent of wtKLF6. Simvastatin induced CCL20 (<b>D</b>) and reduced iNOS (<b>E</b>) expression and these appeared to be mediated via wtKLF6. *<i>P</i>, ≤0.05, ** <i>P</i>, ≤0.01.</p>