<i>trans-</i>Complementation of the <i>rpoS</i> mutant and modification of the mutant to constitutively express OspC and to simultaneously express OspC, DbpA and DbpB.

<p>(A&B) Construction of pBBE22-<i>rpoS</i> and pME22-<i>C</i>′<i>B</i>′<i>A</i>′. All restriction enzyme sites and primer binding sites used for plasmid construction are labeled. (C) Confirmation of OspC, DbpA and DbpB production by immunoblotting. The parental clone 13A and transformants Δ<i>rpoS/E22</i>, Δ<i>rpoS/rpoS</i>, Δ<i>rpoS/ospC′</i>, Δ<i>rpoS/C′B′A′</i> and 13A<i>/C′B′A′</i> were grown to late-log phase in BSK-H complete medium, harvested by centrifugation and subjected to immunoblot analyses probed with a mixture of FlaB mAb and OspC mAb (top), or mouse anti-DbpA (middle) or -DbpB sera (bottom).</p>