siRNA targeting <i>NRF1</i> mRNA knocks down <i>SPAST</i>

<p><b>mRNA expression.</b> SK-N-SH cells were transfected with a pSUPER-<i>NRF1</i> shRNA expression vector or mock transfected, with qualitative analysis of gene expression including a negative control (<i>GAPDH</i>). The quantitative band intensities for the “siRNA” and “mock” transfection samples were compared and the ratio is listed to the right of the gel images. The <i>GAPDH</i> mRNA level is unaffected by siRNA targeting <i>NRF1</i>, whereas the mRNA levels for <i>NRF1</i> and <i>SPAST</i> are reduced by the siRNA treatment. The experiment was repeated three times with equivalent results to the representative results shown here.</p>