pSMC1 and pCHK2 as well as pSMC1 and γ-H2AX co-localize in distinct foci in nuclei of HPV positive cells following differentiation.

CIN 612 cells were induced to differentiate by addition of high calcium media for 72 hours and examined by immunofluorescence for co-localization of A). pSMC1 and pCHK2; B), pSMC1 and γ-H2AX using the corresponding antibodies. Red signal identifies pCHK2 or γ-H2AX in top or bottom panels as shown. Green identifies pSMC1 (s957). Blue represents nuclear DAPI staining. Yellow signal in merged views demonstrates co-localization. The antibody to pCHK2 Thr68 (Cell Signalling) may be responsive to DNA damage factors in general.