nhr-62 specifically regulates DR-induced longevity.

(A) Survivorship curves for wild-type (N2), eat-2(ad465), nhr-62(tm1818), eat-2;nhr-62, and eat-2;nhr-62(dhEx627). Extra chromosomal array dhEx627 (carrying a wild-type nhr-62) in eat-2;nhr-62 resulted in a significant increase in lifespan compared to both nhr-62(tm1818) and eat-2;nhr-62 mutants (p<0.001). (B) Wild-type (N2) worms with dhEx627 exhibited a significant increase in lifespan compared to wild-type (p<0.001). See Figure S2 for physiologic traits of overexpression. (C,D) Both wild-type (N2) and nhr-62(tm1818) worms fed daf-2 RNAi or cco-1 RNAi had a significant increase in lifespan when compared to controls (p<0.001). (E) BDR curve for wild-type (N2) and nhr-62(tm1818) worms. The lifespan of wild-type and nhr-62(tm1818) were not different at the three most concentrated food dilutions, but were significantly different at the remaining 7 dilutions (p<0.001). (F) Survivorship curves for wild-type (N2) and nhr-62(tm1818) fed either 6.45×108 CFU/ml or 3.23×108 CFU/ml. p-values calculated by the log-rank test.