miR-17-92 expression correlates with ETS transcription factors Spi-1 and Fli-1 decrease during 745A#44 cells differentiation.

A: As indicated, 745A#44 cells have been treated for two days with or without Dox to induce Fli-1 knockdown and for two other days in the same conditions with or without addition of 5 mM HMBA to induce differentiation associated with Spi-1 extinction. Pri-miRNA-17-92 transcript and mature miRNAs levels were then determined by semi-quantitative real-time RT-PCR using actin mRNA or U6 RNA as reference, respectively. The upper panel shows relative transcripts levels following Dox and/or HMBA treatment normalized to untreated cells levels (means and standard deviations from 3 independent experiments). Asterisks show significant differences compared to the untreated condition (t-test, p<0,05). B: Typical results of a Western blot analysis of Fli-1 and Spi-1 protein levels after treatments used in A.