mTORC2 regulates invasion of bladder cancer cells into the human bladder wall.

A, schematic showing orientation of human bladder wall invasion assay that includes lamina propria (LP), muscularis propria (MP) and perivesical fat (PV fat). B, H&E section showing invading J82 cells in the lamina propria after 72 h (scale bar 200 microns) C, cells highlighted in previous panel showed positive immunostaining for pancytokeratin (scale bar 100 microns). D, immunofluorescent stain shows invasion of malignant J82 cells (red), at 72 hr (scale bar 50 microns). E, quantification of tissue invasion by RT4 and J82 cells (microns). F, rictor gene-silencing significantly inhibits invasion of bladder all by J82 cells. (*) statistically significant comparison using student t-test, p<0.05).



CC BY 4.0