lincRNA-IBIN expression is induced in immunogenic tissues and its cellular localization is mainly nuclear.

A-B)lincRNA-IBIN is induced in the larval fat body and hemocytes after a L. boulardi infection and is dependent on the expression of the BAP complex member osa in these tissues. For fold-induction values, expression values in uninfected w, osaIR samples were set to 1. C) qPCR for hemocyte-specific Hml (i) and fat body-specific Lsp1α (ii) was carried out to confirm the purity of the tissue fractions. lincRNA-IBIN was not found in the plasma fraction in large quantities (iii). D) RNA FISH performed in larval hemocytes shows that lincRNA-IBIN is mainly located in the nucleus; pink labelling (lincRNA-IBIN) co-localizes with blue nuclear labelling (DAPI). i) Negative control (without lincRNA-IBIN probes), ii) hemocytes from w1118 larvae showing the basal expression level and localization of lincRNA-IBIN, iii) hemocytes from larvae overexpressing lincRNA-IBIN1 (HH>lincRNA-IBIN1) and infected with L. boulardi.