In vivo near-infrared fluorescence imaging of Xenolight 750 probes in the rat AVM model.

Rats with an AVM creation were sham treated or irradiated with a 15 Gy marginal dose to the AVM region by Gamma Knife and imaging performed 12 h after conjugate dye injection (25 μg/kg). Representative montages of x-ray (left), fluorescent (centre) and merged (right) images after injection of Xenolight 750 probes: (A) Xenolight-750 isotype control in irradiated animal; (B) Xenolight 750-ICAM-1 probe and; (C) Xenolight 750-VCAM-1 probe, at day 21 after sham (top panels) or radiation (bottom panels). Image J quantitation of fluorescence at day 21 post-irradiation or sham with Xenolight 750-ICAM-1 (D) or Xenolight 750-VCAM-1 (E) probes and Xenolight-750 isotype control probe.