In vitro competition experiments in K. pneumoniae ATCC 13883 and 10.85 porin mutants.

The relative fitness of porin mutants in comparison with parental strain (ATCC 13883 or 10.85) or between porin mutants was determined by competition experiments in co-cultures and expressed as a percentage of the mutant or wild type cells versus total population at each time point. In vitro growth conditions, MH broth with continuous shaking at 37°C. Violet diamond, ATCC 13883 or 10.85 wild type strains. Orange square, ΔOmpK35. Red square, ΔOmpK36 mutant. Green square, OmpK36GD mutant. Blue circle, ΔOmpK35ΔOmpK36 mutant. Pink circle, ΔOmpK35OmpK36GD mutant.