In vitro characterisation of produced and purchased proteins.

2019-07-26T17:25:05Z (GMT) by Anja Sophie Schmid Dario Neri

Cartoon, SDS-PAGE gel and SEC profile of (A) the noncovalent dimer F8IL15Rα in diabody format (predicted monomer molecular mass 44.4 kDa), (B) muIL15RαFc (predicted monomer molecular mass 44.9 kDa, manufacturer information: 80–90 kDa, 42 kDa and 35 kDa in reducing conditions), (C) huIL15RαFc (predicted monomer molecular mass 45 kDa, manufacturer information: 75–90 kDa in reducing conditions), (D) muIL15 biolegend (13.3 kDa), (E) muIL15 peprotech (13.3 kDa), (F) huIL15 (12.9 kDa) and (G) aIL15mAb. CHO = Chinese hamster ovary, mu = mouse, F8Dd = F8 diabody, hu = human, Fc = crystallisable fragment, m = marker, IgG = immunoglobulin G, nr = nonreducing conditions and red = reducing conditions.