De novo assembly, characterization and annotation for the transcriptome of Sarcocheilichthys sinensis

The Chinese lake gudgeon Sarcocheilichthys sinensis is a small cyprinid fish with great aquaculture potential both for its edible and ornamental values. Nevertheless, available genomic and transcriptomic information for this fish is extremely deficient. In this study, a normalized cDNA library was constructed using 13 mixed tissues of an adult male S. sinensis, and was sequenced by the Illumina HiSeq2500 platform. De novo assembly was performed using 38,911,511 obtained clean reads, and a total of 147,282 unigenes with an average length of 900 bp were finally achieved. 96.2% of these unigenes were annotated in 9 public databases, and 16 segments of growth-related genes were identified for future studies. In addition, 28,493 unigenes were assigned to 61 subcategories of Gene Ontology (GO), and 10,483 unigenes were assigned to 25 categories of Cluster of Orthologous Group (COG). Moreover, 14,943 unigenes were classified into 225 pathways of the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) database. A total of 30,666 microsatellites were detected from 17,627 unigenes with an average distribution density of 1:2405 bp. This transcriptome data set will be valuable for researches on discovery, expression and evolution on genes of interest. Meanwhile, the identified microsatellites would be useful tools for genetic and genomic studies in S. sinensis.