<i>elt-2</i> is essential for <i>atf-7</i>-dependent immune gene regulation.

<p><i>A</i>. Survival curves for wildtype and <i>atf-7(qd22qd130)</i> animals fed with designated RNAi’s during development followed by infection. Averages ± SDs for three plates (N = 129–140 per group) in a representative experiment of several others with similar results. <i>B-E</i>, Gene expression (log scale) in wildtype, <i>pmk-1(km25)</i>, and <i>atf-7(qd22qd130)</i> animals, fed with designated RNAi’s during development. Models depict for each panel the mode of disruption, or status, of examined factors (solid-line crosses, loss-of-function mutants; dashed-line crosses, knock-down), placing ELT-2 tentatively at the proximal promoter of immune genes (Gene X) putatively regulated by PMK-1 and ATF-7; <i>atf-7</i> is depicted as an activator (arrow) or repressor (blunt-ended arrow), based on disruption effects on gene expression. RNA levels were measured in L4/YA worms. Each panel presents averages and SDs for two independent experiments. Asterisks mark inter-group significance with *p<0.05, **p<0.01, and NS, non-significant (paired t-test) for all genes in the group or in underlined subset.</p>