dsRNA effect on PpChit1 RNA levels.

Real-Time PCR comparing the mRNA level of PpChit1 between flies injected with 80.5 ng (A) or 144 ng (B) of dsPpChit1 (dsChit1) or dsControl (dsCtr) double-strand RNAs. Significant PpChit1 transcript reduction was exhibited by dsPpChit1 injected flies at 24 h (A and B), 48 h, 72 h, and 96 h PBM (A). PpChit1 mRNA levels were normalized with the S3 housekeeping gene. Results are presented as a percent of PpChit1 expression levels in dsPpChit1 injected flies over the mean of PpChit1 expression levels in dsControl injected flies (considered as 100%) for each time point. The variance in PpChit1 expression in dsControl injected flies is also shown. Each dot represents PpChit1 RNA levels in a single fly. Horizontal bars indicate mean expression level. *: Statistically significant at p<0.05.




CC BY 4.0