ZOL-induced cytotoxicity to mesothelioma.

(A) Cells were treated with different concentrations of ZOL for 3 days and the cell viabilities were measured with the WST assay. Means of triplicated samples and the SD bars are shown. (B) Flow cytometrical analyses of cell cycle progression in ZOL-treated MSTO-211H cells. (C) Western blot analyses of unpreylated Rap1A expressions in cells treated with ZOL. Actin was used as a loading control. (D) Caspase activations in MSTO-211H cells that were treated with ZOL for 3 days were assayed with respective luminescence-based kits. The activities of untreated cells were expressed as 100%. Means of triplicated samples and the SE bars are shown. * P<0.01.