Xenograft tumors established with parent and hBD-3 overexpressing HEK293 cells in nude mice.

(A) RT-PCR of hBD-3 on total RNA samples extracted from parent HEK293 and hBD-3 overexpressed HEK293 cells, respectively. (B and C) ELISA of hBD-3 using culture supernatants (B) or cell lysates (C) derived from parent HEK293 and hBD-3 overexpressed cells. HEK293 and hBD-3 overexpressing cells were cultured in serum-free medium for 3 days, followed by ELISA of collected media and cell lysates, respectively. *, p = 0.00. (D) Representative mice bearing tumors after 10 days post inoculation. Yellow arrows, inoculation sites. (E) Representative tumors isolated from mice inoculated with parent HEK293 cells and hBD-3 overexpressing cells. (F) The incidence and sizes of xenograft tumors generated using parent HEK293 and hBD-3 overexpressed HEK293 cells. The mean volume for each group of tumors is represented as black lines; in HEK293 tumors, the value is 27.9 mm3, while in hBD-3 overexpressed tumors, the value is 66.9 mm3. *, p<0.05.