Whi3 localizes to stress granules during glucose deprivation.

(A) Cells coexpressing Whi3-GFP and stress granule marker Pub1-mCherry were deprived of glucose for 10 minutes. Glucose deprivation caused Whi3 and Pub1 to colocalize in distinct cytoplasmic foci. Readdition of glucose caused foci to dissolve. Scale bar represents 5 µm. (B) Treatment with cycloheximide (CHX) inhibits stress granule formation by preventing polysome disassembly. Unlike cells treated with drug vehicle alone, cells treated with CHX form neither Pub1-mCh nor Whi3-GFP foci. (C) Cells lacking the scaffolding protein eIF4GII do not form stress granules. Neither Whi3-mCh nor Pab1-GFP forms foci in eif4giiΔ cells. (D) Stress granule marker Pub1-mCh is still able to localize to foci in the absence of Whi3.