VCAM-1 expression in the spleens of naive C57BL/6 mice.

(A) VCAM-1 localisation (green) in a tissue section from a naïve mouse. Marginal metallophilic macrophages were stained with MOMA-1 mAb (red) allowing visualisation of red pulp (RP), white pulp (WP) and marginal zone (MZ) regions of the spleen, as indicated (×100) The tissue section was mounted in media containing DAPI to stain cell nuclei (blue). (B-D) Staining for VCAM-1 expression, red pulp macrophages (F4/80+), MM macrophages (MOMA-1+), MZ macrophages (ERTR9/SIGNR1+), MZ sinus-lining endothelial cells (Meca-32+) and DC (CD11c+) (×630) is shown in colours indicated above panels. White arrows in (C) and (D) indicate areas where VCAM-1+ cells (yellow) are in close proximity to DC (blue).




CC BY 4.0