Upregulation of microglial marker CD68 in the thalamus and cerebral cortex of <i>Cln6<sup>nclf</sup></i> mice.

<p>Quantitative thresholding analysis in <i>Cln6<sup>nclf</sup></i> mice was compared to age matched WT, revealing a significant increase in the expression of the microglia marker CD68 in the VPM/VPL (<b>A</b>), M1 (<b>C</b>), S1BF (<b>B</b>), and V1 (<b>D</b>) regions in the <i>Cln6<sup>nclf</sup></i> mouse over WT. [Mean% immunoreactivity +/− SEM, <i>n</i> = 3 (*<i>p</i>≤0.05, **<i>p</i>≤0.01, ***p≤0.001, ****<i>p</i>≤0.0001)].</p>