Up-regulation of HSG RNA induced by 231-derived exosome-like microvesicles.

2012-03-20T01:33:08Z (GMT) by Chang S. Lau David T. W. Wong

A) Nano Ladder. (B) Basal RNA level in serum-starved HSG cells, along with 18 s and 28 s ribosomal RNA peaks. Increased total RNA levels were observed after a 12-hour treatment with 231-derived exosome-like microvesicles (Exo) compared to lysed 231-derived exosome-like microvesicles (control, Lys Exo). Transcription inhibition by actinomycin D (ActD) diminished the increase in RNA levels induced by 231-derived exosome-like microvesicles, suggesting that transcription is activated by 231-derived exosome-like microvesicles. (C) Cell count and (D) cell viability were not affected by the treatments. * P<0.05, ** P<0.01, and *** P<0.001; n = 6. All experiments were independently performed a minimum of three times.