Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of the expression of 451 miRNAs.

The tree was generated by unsupervised hierarchical clustering of PBMC miRNA profiles for patients with active TB, subjects with LTBI, and healthy controls. MiRNAs with 2-fold up- or down-expression compared with the median intensity across all samples and differential expression values greater than 10% of all samples were selected for unsupervised analysis (n = 415 miRNAs). Sample clusters can be compared with the clinical parameters displayed in blocks underneath each profile. A key is provided at the bottom of the figure. Subjects' clinical status is indicated as follows: patients with active TB are indicated by red rectangles; subjects with LTBI by blue rectangles; and healthy controls by black rectangles. Age is indicated as: subjects between 15–24 years old are indicated by olive green rectangles; subjects 25–34 years old by brown rectangles; subjects 35–44 years old by purple rectangles; and subjects 45–54 years old by khaki rectangles. Females are indicated by hoar rectangles and males by darkish rectangles.