Transfection of HEK293FT cells with pEGFP with varying ratios of PLGA.

(A) Fluorescence and bright field images (B) flow cytometry analysis of cells at 48 h after transfection with varying ratios of PLGA/bPEI-DNA (PLGA:bPEI:DNA, w/w/w) nanoparticles are shown. (C) Results of gel electrophoresis analysis of bPEI-DNA (bPEI:DNA, w/w, upper panel) and PLGA/bPEI-DNA (PLGA:bPEI:DNA, w/w/w, lower panel) nanoparticles are shown. 1 µg of DNA was applied to each well (transfection, six-well plate) or lane. Scale bar represents 100 µm (*, p < 0.05 by Student’s t-test). n=3.



CC BY 4.0