Tissue-specific magnitude of Sendai virus infection in the respiratory tracts of living mice after direct inoculation and transmission.

(A–C) Overall magnitude of infection of primary and challenge infections as determined by integration of daily measurements of total flux with respect to time. The areas under the curve (AUC) of bioluminescence are expressed as the total amount of photons on a log10 scale. The association between the magnitude of primary and challenge infection (AUC) in the nasopharynx (D), trachea (E), and lungs (F) was determined using linear regression analysis (r2) with GraphPad Prism software. Data for airborne transmission corresponds to experiments that had a 7.6-cm separation between donor and recipient mice. No trans. = no transmission, trach. dom. = tracheal dominant infection, rep. diss. = respiratory tract disseminated infection.