Therapy with R-LM249 of systemic metastases induced by the i.v. injection of human breast carcinoma cell line MDA-MB-453.

R-LM249 was administered i.p. at 108 pfu dose (4 weekly injections) to groups of 9–10 Rag2−/−;Il2rg−/− mice. (A, C, E) incidence of macroscopic metastases in the indicated organs, as determined at necropsy; (B, D, F) total metastatic burden (mean + SEM) in organs as quantified by human centromeric DNA qPCR. Statistical analysis of differences: panel A, p<0.0001 at Fisher's exact test; panel B, p = 0.0004 at both Student's t and non-parametric Wilcoxon rank sum tests; panel C, p = 0.07 at Fisher's exact test; panel D, p = 0.056 at Student's t test and p = 0.03 at non-parametric Wilcoxon rank sum test.