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The number of Th17 cells in the spleen and cardiac tissue is decreased by Ad-IL-17AR:Fc.

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posted on 20.08.2013 by Yuquan Xie, Minghui Li, Xinggang Wang, Xian Zhang, Tianqing Peng, Yingzhen Yang, Yunzeng Zou, Junbo Ge, Haozhu Chen, Ruizhen Chen

(A) Representative flow cytometry images of Th17 (CD4+ IL-17+) cells from each group gated on CD4+ T cells. Numbers in the upper right quadrants and lower right quadrants indicate the separate percentages of Th17 cells and CD4+ T cells, respectively. PE = phycoerythrin; FITC = fluorescein isothiocyanate. (B) The percentage of Th17 (CD4+ IL-17+) cells in each group was analyzed using CellQuest software. (C) The levels of IL-6 and TNF-α in the supernatants of heart homogenates detected using ELISA. The data represent the mean ± SEM for 6 mice per group. **P<0.01 vs control group, *p<0.05 vs control group.