The mixed rod and cone ERG is altered across a range of light intensities in the P2X7-KO mouse.

2013-02-20T10:05:33Z (GMT) by Kirstan A. Vessey Erica L. Fletcher

Mice were dark adapted overnight and mixed (rod and cone) ERG responses were recorded in response to full field flashes from intensity −4.2 to 2.1 log cd.s/m2. (A–B) Representative mixed ERG waveforms for (A) WT and (B) P2X7-KO mice are presented. (C) There was no change in the amplitude of the rod photoreceptor derived component, a-wave, as a function of intensity. (D) The amplitude of the post-photoreceptor response, the b-wave was larger in P2X7-KO mice than in WT mice across almost all intensities tested. * indicates p<0.05, a significant difference between WT and P2X7-KO.



CC BY 4.0