The mPB and NP-mPB protein expression profiles in HEK293T cells transfected with <i>pTriEx-mPB</i> and <i>pTriEx-NP-mPB</i> plasmids.

<p>(A) At 48 h after transfection, the transposase protein level in the <i>pTriEx-mPB</i> group was higher than that in the <i>pTriEx-NP-mPB</i> group. <i>UGm</i> plasmid was cotransfected as a control for transfection efficiency (anti-GFP). <i>pTriEX-HTNC</i> plasmid was transfected as a positive control for anti-His tag antibody (Cre). (B) Western blot analysis of nucleo-cytoplasmic separated lysates revealed that the mPB protein was distributed preferentially in the nucleus and the cytoplasm, whereas almost all NP-mPB protein was localized in the nucleus.</p>