The innate immune cytokine response is impaired in the absence of Vα14i NK T cells.

A, Splenic leukocytes were isolated from uninfected or MCMV infected CD1d−/− and CD1d+/− littermates or Jα18−/− and Jα18+/− littermates at 1.5 days post-infection and analyzed for intracellular IFN-γ. The percentage of IFN-γ+ NK cells is shown. The results are representative of 5 independent experiments (*, P<0.05). B, Serum levels of cytokines were measured by ELISA or using the cytometric bead array inflammation kit at 1.5 days post-infection (*, P<0.05). The results are representative of 3 independent experiments. C, Percent survival following high dose MCMV infection.