The characterization and location of YdeO-box on target promoters.

We examined the conservation of the inverted repeat across seven YdeO-binding regions detected in vivo by ChIP-chip analysis, 131-bp on nhaR promoter, 216-bp on hyaA promoter, 139-bp on appC promoter, 217-bp on yiiS promoter, 181-bp on gadW promoter, 241-bp on gadE promoter, and 145-bp on slp promoter. [A] The panel shows the DNA sequence, containing the identified hexa-mer repeat (YdeO-box). The YdeO-box identified in all of promoters located on seven binding sites of YdeO. The number indicates the distance from each transcription start site (RegulonDB []). [B] Organization of the promoters controlled by YdeO is shown. The locations of a hexamer of YdeO-binding sites (triangle) at relative positions from the transcription initiation site (solid arrow) are shown for the promoters. The filled bars represent open reading frames of the target genes.