TNFR1 and Necdin are coexpressed in lumbar motoneurons at E12.5.

(A–C) Immunohistochemistry analysis revealing the expression of the death receptors Unc5 (A) or TNFR1 (B and C), on different transversal sections corresponding to the brachial, thoracic and lumbar levels of E12.5 spinal cord. (A) Unc5 (green) is expressed in the brachial ventral horn of the spinal cord. Its expression is fainter in the thoracic ventral horn and is not detected in the lumbar ventral horn. (B) Necdin (red) and TNFR1 (green) are coexpressed in motoneurons of the lumbar region. (C) Higher magnification of (B) showing the colocalization of Necdin with TNFR1. Scale bar: A and B, 100 µm; C, 250 µm.