TEL effect on glucose disposal and bone structure.

A. Effect of 4 days administration of either regular diet (open circles), or diet supplemented with 1.5 mg/kg/d TEL (open triangles), or 3 mg/kg/d TEL (black triangles), or 20 mg/kg/d ROSI (open squares), on glucose tolerance of Avy/a mice measured with introperitoneal glucose tolerance test (IGTT), as described in Material and Methods (n = 4 animals per group). B. Glucose disposal measured with IGTT in DIO mice at the end of 4 wks administration of either non-supplemented HFD (open circles), or HFD supplemented with 3 mg/kg/d TEL (black triangles), or with 20 mg/kg/d ROSI (open squares) (n = 8 animals per group). C. mCT analysis of L4 vertebra trabecular bone of Avy/a mice after 4 wks administration of either control non-supplemented diet (C), or chow supplemented with 20 mg/kg/d ROSI (R), or drinking water supplemented with 3 mg/kg/d TEL (T). BV/TV – bone volume fraction in the region of interest (ROI) (%); Tb.N. – average number of trabeculae per unit length (1/mm) of ROI; Tb.Th. – trabecular thickness (mm); Tb.Sp. – trabecular separation representing mean distance between trabeculae (mm). D. Number of adipocytes in proximal tibia of experimental animals (n = 4 per group). C – control; R – ROSI; T – TEL. * p<0.05 vs. control.