Summary statistics of Rhodococcus draft genome assemblies.

*Isolates designated with LMG were obtained from Belgium co-ordinated collection of micro-organisms (BCCM); GIC isolates are from a Greenland glacial ice core; all remaining isolates except D188, were obtained from diseased plants submitted to the Oregon State University (OSU) Plant Clinic. Italicized isolates = first sequenced using a hybrid approach; bold = type strain.


Determined based on leafy gall and root inhibition assays described in a separate study (see associated text for reference).


D188 had 65,301,274 PE Illumina reads and 107,436 454 Jr. reads and A44a had 25,093,452 PE Illumina reads and 62,188,838 Illumina mate pair reads from a 3.0 kb library.

Number greater than 1.0 kb in length.