Summary of the significant results obtained from the genome-wide association analysis reported herein.


Corrected P-values at the experiment-wise or chromosome-wise level are indicated for the associations reaching the corresponding 0.05 significance level. These values were obtained after applying a Bonferroni correction considering the number of independent markers analysed for each chromosome and the entire genome. The 0.05 experiment-wise significance threshold was set by correcting additionally for three independent traits analysed.

The most significant SNPs at each of the significant regions identified at the chromosome-wise and experiment-wise levels are indicated. For each of them, the location chromosome and position (in Megabase pairs), and the nominal and corrected P-values are provided. Also included in the table are the magnitude and standard error of the allele substitution effect in both trait units (mL, for yield traits and percentage points, for composition traits) and in phenotypic standard deviations (SD) units (in brackets).




CC BY 4.0