Summary of DXZ4 monomer variation.

Table showing sequence variation for the 18 DXZ4 monomer subclones isolated from BAC clone 2272M5. SNP coordinates are based on the reference sequence of subclone 35. Absent bases are given the prefix “del”. Copy number of the pentameric (GGGCC), tetrameric (TAAA) and dimeric (CT) microsatellites are indicated. Accession numbers for monomers listed above are as follows: DXZ4-1 - HQ659103; DXZ4-3 - HQ659104; DXZ4-8 - HQ659105; DXZ4-15 - HQ659106; DXZ4-16 - HQ659107; DXZ4-18 - HQ659108; DXZ4-22 - HQ659109; DXZ4-23 - HQ659110; DXZ4-31 - HQ659111; DXZ4-35 - HQ659140; DXZ4-40 - HQ659113; DXZ4-46 - HQ659114; DXZ4-47 - HQ659115; DXZ4-59 - HQ659116; DXZ4-69 - HQ659117; DXZ4-70 - HQ659118; DXZ4-87 - HQ659119; DXZ4-88 - HQ659120.



CC BY 4.0