Standard curve used to quantify plasmid copy number in E. coli.

2012-10-22T01:31:32Z (GMT) by Sarmitha Sathiamoorthy Jumi A. Shin

Plasmid standard curves were generated using known amounts of plasmid DNA. The linear dynamic range was determined to be from 5.37×106 to 69 copies of genomic DNA (yellow), 4.40×107 to 1.41×104 copies of pSAM (green), 4.18×108 to 6.69×105 copies of pACYC (pink), and 5.32×108 to 3.41×104 copies of pGEX-6p-1 (blue). Regression analysis displayed R2 values of 0.999 for pSAM, 0.998 for pGEX-6p-1, 0.998 for pACYCDuet, and 0.999 for genomic DNA.