Specific localization of FABP4 in neovascular endothelial cells.

(A) Confocal imaging of neovascular tufts in P17 WT OIR retina flat-mount following immunostaining for FABP4 (red), EC-specific marker EMCN (green), activated microglia-specific marker Iba1 (white) and DAPI (blue). FABP4 is strongly associated with the neovascular tufts and absent from the normal vasculature. FABP4 was not detected in the Iba1- positive cells but co-localized with EMCN-positive cells. (B) Immunostaining of FABP4 (red) EMCN (green) and DAPI (blue) in a large neovascular structure followed by confocal sectioning confirmed FABP4 localization to ECs of pathological neovessels. Scale bar is 50 µm.