Solicited Local and Systemic Events.

Figure 2a; Local reactogenicity and systemic signs and symptoms collected over 3 days post vaccination. Maximum severity of local reactions was significantly greater after rAd5 than after placebo (p = 0.006 and p<0.001 for rAd5 alone and rAd5 boost, respectively). For systemic signs and symptoms, the severity was significantly greater after DNA (p = 0.036) and after rAd5 boost (p = 0.028), than after the corresponding placebo. Figure 2b; Local reactogenicity and systemic events post rAd5 by dosage. Combining low dosage (LD) groups and high dosage (HD) groups, the maximum systemic reaction per volunteer post rAd5 was significantly higher (p = 0.025) in the HD group than in the LD group (41% versus 21%, respectively, were moderate or severe). Mild: open bars; Moderate: cross-hatched bars; and Severe: dark bars.




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