Socio-economic and environmental factors and association with RVFV IgG<sup>a</sup> in BK.

<p>N for BK site = 150.</p><p>PR = prevalence ratio; SES = socio-economic status; skm = square kilometre; EVI = enhanced vegetation index; LST = land surface temperature.</p>a<p>results of uni- and multivariable poisson regression with robust variance estimates adjusted for clustering within household.</p>b<p>gender and cattle per skm were not included into multivariable model due to lack of significance.</p>c<p>reference stratum.</p>d<p>to avoid collinearity problems, the environmental variables (vegetation, distance to lake, elevation and the four LST variables) were entered separately into models adjusted for age, SES, and cattle ownership. Multivariable results for these three adjustment variables are those for the model that included vegetation.</p>




CC BY 4.0